Love Stories

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Kapag love stories ang pinag-usapan, people will always get interested of the post. They tend to evaluate if they could relate to the stories or not. Here are some interesting love stories:

Let us talk about Lucy and Allan. They have been together for almost six years. One day, Lucy met Gerald. Gerald is more handsome and popular than Allan. Hence, Lucy become so interested of Gerald instead of her boyfriend Allan who is miles away from her. In this story, do you think Lucy is doing the right thing? It is your opinion, you are welcome to voice it out.

Love stories are boring without a happy ending. Love stories must be written by heart too. So, I would like to talk about Marie and Jake. Jake knew only Marie through a friend. When Jake was nursing a broken heart because of Marie's best friend, it was Marie who helped her forget about the girl. Later on, they learned to love each other and after three months decided to get married despite the fact that they never meet even once. A week before the marriage, Marie and Jake finally met. Was it an interesting love story? Your comments are welcome here.



  1. Krincess Carl said...:

    I love the story. Love stories inspire me a lot. I'm grateful for sharing this post.

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