Kim Nam Gil Played Bidam

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Yes, Kim Nam Gil played Bidam well. It's funny and interesting most viewers of Queen Seon Deok discovered Bidam's character as alluring and mysterious. He is both good and evil, unable to resist sincerity but easy to succumb in hatred. Bidam's character was first shown as a vagabond, a dirty-looking young cute guy with amazing martial arts skills. Later on, he began showing witty remarks while in silent search of his real parents, because Munno just raised him and never told him about it. When Bidam helped Princess Deokman to escape from Lady Mishil's might, he became more matured and admitted feelings of love to the princess. When Princess Deokman ascend to the throne, Bidam promised to take everything away from her. Why the change of character, to the extent of being like her evil mother Lady Mishil?

Websites talking about Kim Nam Gil's portrayal of the character Bidam wrote that the actor himself studied the role seriously. His efforts proved to be effective as he played Bidam well and took positive reviews from the viewers. He became a star and Kim Nam Gil's career blossomed as fast as he could imagine. Kim Na Gil also showed his acting prowess in a subtle way by making Bidam an ardent lover to Queen Seon Deok and later becoming true to his colors- a son of an influential and cunning mother, Lady Mishil.


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