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Friday, February 5, 2010
I want to share this post because I remember a friend and her husband who asked me to book them for a round trip flight. They asked so many questions, well there is nothing wrong for asking questions, excluding the unreasonable queries. For a clearer view, let us talk about the issue which really raised my ire because of its effects.

First, it is allowed to present to the travel checker in the airport a printed of your plane ticket. I mean, when you booked via Cebu Pacific, you can present a printed of your plane ticket upon check-in.

Second, once you paid the plane ticket, no one could access the same again. It has been paid by you then.

Third, travel agencies will surely take booking charges from you, normally P300 to P500 so you do not need to provide another pay for the labor.

And lastly, do your homework beforehand so that you will not cause your travel agents to be irate for questions that can be answered by common sense. At the least, you cannot freely use your pride after the trip.


  1. Krincess Carl said...:

    Good points! I like traveling to other places. My latest adventure involves Cavite resorts. The kids love the pool rental party activity.

    Soon, we'll visit other resorts. I'm hoping the weather will cooperate with us.

  1. Diane Gonzales said...:

    I'm so impressed with the travel tricks you mentioned. This is helpful for my friend, Dan, who plans to study at SULTARC, a well-known international school for dentistry in the UAE. It's his first time to visit the Middle East so he really needs travel tips.

  1. Diane Gonzales said...:

    It's good that travel tips are mentioned in this post. I'm a travel enthusiast and I'm so happy that there's positive comments about Cavite resorts in the comments section. I've also heard about resorts in Cavite and I've been there last month. The place is amazingly beautiful and the food is great! Thanks for sharing!

  1. Keachy said...:

    Thanks for the travel tricks, Yantchill. I'll share the blog post with my friend who is a dentist. He is going to study in the UAE next year. He will enroll in a school that offers Laser dentistry in UAE course.

  1. Trendy Karen said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Trendy Karen said...:

    This post is really helpful. I love to travel so reading travel tips and tricks is my favorite hobby.

    Next year, we will visit some Cavite resorts and our first stop is Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite. We love the place because of the huge swimming pools and well-manicured garden of the resort.

  1. Jam Cruz said...:

    My friend told me that traveling gave her time to think of her future plans. When she visited Mount Sea Resort in Cavite, she had the chance to enjoy a time to meditate and plan for her next trip. She's thinking that many Cavite Resorts are world-class and stunning.

  1. Ricky Ng said...:

    Gorgeous! It seemed that you're an avid traveler. Thank you for the tips. My cousin Edward plans to study dentistry in the UAE and your tips are useful for him. Are you familiar with the school SULTARC or Sharjah University Laser and Training Center? He's planning to study in that specufic school.

    Nice blog! Keep it up.

  1. Karenade said...:

    Travel is really one of the most exciting activities of mankind. It's one way of learning new things, sight-seeing included.

    However, if you want to celebrate parties by traveling to other places to add fun to the activity, Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite in one of the best choices. Of all Cavite resorts, it has amazing facilities and amenities for your guests.

  1. Keachy said...:

    I like the comments shared in this post. I remember my sister who is planning to study in the UAE, specifically at SULTARC. She's so excited! She will take up laser dentistry course in the said international school.

  1. Krincess Carl said...:

    Thank you for sharing about travel. These days, people love to travel around the world. Many travel bloggers have tried visiting unusual places. With my amazement with Cavite resorts, I'm hoping to visit a popular tourist spot in the area that offers exciting events.

    I've heard that Mount Sea Resort in Cavite is having an event called Easter Egg-tivities this coming Easter Sunday. Do you have details of the event?

  1. Kayly said...:

    One of the most amazing Cavite resorts I've known is Mount Sea Resort. It's one of the reasons I love travel. The place is clean, stunning and affordable.

    Mount Sea Resort in Cavite has also expanded by providing amazing swimming pools for their guests. To accommodate many people, the owners offered The Zen and bigger dining spaces.

    Thank you for sharing about travel tricks.

  1. Cheska said...:

    These days, travel is one of the most exciting family activities. Many hotels and resorts cater to the needs of many guests and their families. If you're visiting many Cavite resorts, don't forget to check the prices, food products and leisure activities that they're offering to the public.

    I've heard that Watercamp Resort in Cavite has amazing swimming pools, affordable accommodation and delicious food and beverages. Have you been there for a pool party?

  1. Kate Santos said...:

    There are many beautiful resorts in Cavite. Since many Cavite resorts are usually found in accessible areas, tourists choose to roam around the province.

    Personally, I like Watercamp Resort in Cavite. The swimming pools are well-designed and enticing, especially during pool parties.

  1. Daria Cruz said...:

    While reading this post, I remember our visit at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. My sister loves swimming, so I accompanied her everytime she stays at the lazy river for so long.

    Thanks for sharing.

  1. The right way to travel is to prepare three weeks in advance. For holiday vacation, it is essential to prepare for it two months before the trip. It's one way of saving time and money.

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