Haiti Amputees

Friday, March 26, 2010
What is the philosophy behind fate and destiny? People somewhere in Haiti, I am sure, are in question on how to live life as of the moment. I am referring to Haiti amputees who have nowhere to go. As they stepped out from Hospital Albert Schweitzer in rural Haiti, they were hopeful enough to continue life, but suddenly realized that they were in reality- homeless. Most of the health workers in the said hospital knew that these Haiti amputees recover as fast a wind storm but later on question themselves on what will their life be outside the hospital after gaining recovery.  

Indeed, these Haiti amputees are full of hope but fate and destiny must have been harsh on them starting from the time such devastating earthquake caused their misery. It could have been better if their bodies were seen complete and then they were homeless. But the situation is more difficult- they have no homes to return to after gaining recovery from the physical defect. As the reports mentioned, these Haiti amputees have no choice but to start over.


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