House of Horrors' Suspect to face charges in court

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
I have been reading about Sowell who was caught by the authorities for allegedly killing eleven women. The decaying bodies of these victims were found in Sowell's home at Imperial Avenue right there in Ohio. That is the reason that his case was initially tagged as imperial avenue murders. At present, his house was referred to as house of horrors due to the brutal killings of eleven women committed in different occasions. Sowell's plea is that he is not guilty and he used insanity as a reason. For being suspected as doing such horrible murders, he could face death penalty if found guilty and eventually convicted.

According to CNN, Sowell faces eighty five charges involving kidnapping, rape, and murder. It was reported by the same site that "at least one victim was strangled by hand, and most of the others by ligature, authorities said. The remains of seven still had ligatures- string, cord or wire- wrapped around their necks. The skull of one woman was wrapped in a paper bag and stuffed into a bucket in the home's basement." Based on research, Sowell lived a lonely childhood as he was fatherless. Witnessing various cases of violence and living in a slum area, it was even reported that he raped his cousin and someone who is a pregnant woman when he was yet a teenager. He also enlisted himself in the military and had a past relationship with a mayor's niece. The serial killer, Anthony Sowell and once lived in the house of horrors, will finally face the courts of justice.


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