I Dare To Win

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
For one thing, I dared to reach my dreams with minimal resources. In fact, blogging is not really a fave hobby. I came to love blogging when I decided to reinvent myself. But my biggest dream is still hanging there because I was unable to reach it. I stopped dreaming for a while, after such big failure. Indeed, I followed this mantra: rest if you must, but don't you quit. It hurts to see your dreams crumble right before your eyes and your only choice is start all over again. I need to go through the same agony again. I need to increase my endurance and hold on to my faith.  And this time, I dare to win the race! Exactly, I do not have a choice but to pick up the sword and fight again.

There are moments that I can feel the unfairness of the situation. Is there such a thing as luck? And where in this world can I find miracles to let me survive? I dared to dream because I knew all along that I can make it. But when? God only knows. I know I have to face countless battles from now on, but I still think I can win them all although I am not aware how much pain I need to endure. I still dare to win from the bottom of my heart. I studied the situation very eagerly and provide options to consider. I studied the same situations that I encountered based on some people's perspectives. Then, I asked myself this one important question: Are you willing to take it all? And my silent yet courageous answer: Yes, I dare to win.


  1. Diane Gonzales said...:

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  1. Kayla said...:

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