Survival of the Fittest

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Some people believes that the term survival in this scary world is a foreign term knowing that here and there, problems exist. How much more if the term survival of the fittest coined by John Locke is added? Pwede naman (it is accepted) as long as we really understood this realistic term. Survival of the fittest is acceptable in all forms of existence. It is therefore applicable to fish vendors, online writers, bloggers in the blogosphere, architects, and even assassins. The logic is just simple: fish vendors thrives with other fish vendors in the same market, online writers worked for alomst the same sites, and all bloggers exist in almost the same platform, which resulted to a need to survive amidst competition. In other words, survival of the fittest is something that makes us continue despite the setbacks.

Moreover, we experience more moments of survival in the fittest at the workplace. Some people would claim that they are ethical and that I am unethical without looking into the real situation because they are also blinded by their own will to survive. No matter what, one must survive in accordance with the rules of karma. You receive what has been given and shared the same way you do it. That's it! Thus, we must keep on pace and yet watch out for our own good. Survive. Dream. Fight, yet fight fairly.  


  1. we all need to have courage in order to survive in this world, both the rich and the young are not excused to problems..

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