Anne Curtis' Boracay Swimsuit Malfunction

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
So, it is true that Anne Curtis experienced swimsuit malfunction in Boracay lately. People were in the run posting and spreading the incident over the Internet with the photo corresponding to the incident. It was just a production number Anne Curtis worked with, without knowing that a swimsuit malfunction could ruin herself just because of malicious people. People said it happened for at least ten seconds (if I am not mistaken) and people who witnessed began taking pictures and videos. There was a public request to avoid spreading the videos and pictures taken, but some of them did not take heed of the request.

Due to the incident, Viva Artist Agency (that managed Anne Curtis' career) took its move to prevent further damage on the actress by releasing statement to the public. The general manager of Viva Artist Agency issued a statement, part of which reads, "Obviously, some unscrupulous individuals have capitalized on this misfortune and consequently exploited our artist whose only fault was to do her job well. We appeal to these individuals, please have a little respect and decency to stop posting the photos and distributing the same. Think of your sister, your mother, your wife, and your daughter. Have a heart." Anne Curtis is yet to issue a statement regarding the swimsuit malfunction incident in Boracay.

anNe cUrtis


  1. Boracay Hotels said...:

    I saw this article in the other blog. And i think this is will be accident...

    Tanya Gemarin

  1. Trendy Karen said...:

    There's a useful tip to avoid wardrobe malfunction while having fun in a resort. It's good to prepare your personal essentials before going on a vacation. You need to try your swimsuit at home before flaunting the fashion pieces for the first in the resort.

    In one of the best Cavite resorts, my cousin experienced swimsuit malfunction. Thankfully, there are only few people at Mount Sea Resort in Cavite that time. So only few people noticed the incident.

  1. Andrea Bayler said...:

    I think this topic became trending at that time it happened. She's so popular, anyway. For now, I'm thinking so well-known Cavite resorts that are perfect for swimming party. I know that Watercamp Resort in Cavite is very popular since it is accessible. Do you know more about the resort?

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