The Book of Eli

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
The Book of Eli is a wonderful futuristic film. I mean, the story was set more than two decades ahead of the current  year. The setting of the film is very unique and compelling. Why? It is as if various calamities passed prior to the portrayal of Denzel Washington's character. The environment is filthy and close to being barren. I noticed that most people of that era are robbers and swindlers. Denzel Washington's character has been fooled twice by a whining lady who is always calling someone to help her fix something. The problem starts to surface when a group of men begin ravaging their victim.

I wrote this piece because I am just curious on what will be the condition of our planet in the future. I never seen a single tree in the film The Book of Eli. The people know nothing about decency and order. If the Book of Eli is the last bible in that era, then it is obvious that such book was unknown to the people. It still has to be shared. For some reasons, we tend to keep our knowledge today so that we could pass the same to the future generation. After all, future decades belong to our loved ones who are still in the stage of growing up today. In order to avoid the things that happened in the film The Book of Eli, we must do something to protect the earth and the next generation's future in terms of intellectual, environmental, social, cultural, financial, and moral aspects.


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