Goemon Movie Reviews

Friday, April 2, 2010
Goemon movie reviews commonly reflected the noticeable "video game feel" of the film. Goemon is amazing! The movie is very interesting since the story is centered on lust of political power against peace. The theme is notable wherein Goemon taught the young boy to be strong, stronger than him. For always, being strong is the only way to protect everything that you love. That young boy lost his mother because of the mysterious box that has been stolen from a huge mansion. And that mysterious box stored various calamities, famine, sufferings and anguish. When opened, all people will definitely suffer.

Goemon is directed by Kazuaki Kiriya and top billed by Yosuke Eguchi. Its excellent mix of CG animation is notable. When characters are focused, they seemed humans. But when characters are not focused, CG animation applies. I remembered young boys playing samurai video games in my fave Internet cafe in town. The soundtrack is also fascinating. The whole production set matches the "video game feel" of the movie since the make-up and wardrobe of the actors completed the job. And wait, Chacha Asai's beauty is beyond question.


  1. Trendy Karen said...:

    My niece, Shielka, loves this film. Despite the scary fighting stunts and violence-related theme of this film, she has watched the film twice.

    With that, she is also a huge fan of heavily-themed Halloween parties. Next week, she is excited to attend the Halloween party organized by Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite. She plans to wear a dark alien costume.

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