Is Bukisa A Scam?

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Is Bukisa a scam? Many writers opted to write with Bukisa instead of Associated Content and Triond. Bukisa became the primary writing site for writers because of the fact that the site pays more than their competitors do. It also very easy to use Bukisa. For those who wants to write with the said writing site, just type and click join. You may also choose to click this link and there, you can register yourself to start writing with Bukisa. You may add many articles, videos, and audio that you want in order to earn money. Per thousand of qualified clicks in your articles, videos, and audio, you can earn more than three dollars. Bukisa also pay their contributors everytime their earnings reach ten, twenty five, fifty, one hundred, two hundred, and five hundred dollars. Just choose what earning threshold you want. Bukisa is not really a scam, all you have to do is to post quality articles, presentation, and audio to earn more.

It is obvious that contributors in Bukisa are really not that friendly. You may add some of them as friends and not all of them will add or comment you back. However, ability and willingness to pay is what matters most. Hence, Bukisa is the best site to write for. It must be noted that when members of the site clicked and read one of your articles, it cannot be considered as a quality click. It just add exposure for your articles. For writers who want to earn money through writing, try Bukisa now. Click here!


  1. Jim said...:

    This post is useful for my son. He's a writer and he needs to continuously hone his skill. When we migrate to Canada, he'll be a Canadian professional there. Our immigration consultant told him to take writing classes to enhance his knowledge in writing, especially online writing.

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