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Friday, May 7, 2010
It is nice to know that there are sites that help bloggers find each other. Blogcatalog is a site that also allow bloggers and web surfers to explore the blogosphere. Besides, Blogcatalog is a site that allow bloggers to increase traffic for their sites. One thing that makes the said site very interesting is that most of its members are friendly. Once you sent a message to anyone of them, expect the next day that you will get a reply. The site then is a perfect place to start blogwalking and have some friends via Internet.

It is also obvious that most of the members of blogcatalog will invite you to join their group. In order to find more interesting blogs, just click their categories and you will see various blogs that you were looking for. It is also very easy to become a member of the site. Since their services is free, all you have to do is to register and place one of their widgets in your site. You need to wait until your blog is approved. It will not take more than four days to wait for blog approval. So, if you are looking for a perfect site to explore the blogosphere and have fun, just be a member of blogcatalog. It is a blogging network that works for busy bloggers like us.


  1. Jim said...:

    This is nice! Is it possible to find the best blog about canadian professionals by searching at Blog Catalog? I'm in search for a trusted immigration consultant to help me in my quest to migrate in Canada. Thanks for sharing, anyway.

  1. Diane Gonzales said...:

    I've been searching for blogs that talk about medical schools in the U.S. and the UAE. I consider international dentistry topic interesting so I'm thinking to include SULTARC, a reputable international dental school in one of my blog posts.

    Well, thanks for posting about Blog Catalog. Now, it's easy for me to find useful blogs about medical education.

  1. Trendy Karen said...:

    I'm not a full time blogger but I'm really impressed with travel blogs. So, thank you for sharing Blog Catalog with us. I'll be able to find blogs that tackles travel destinations like Cavite resorts.

    My family visited Watercamp Resorts in Cavite last year. We held our clan reunion in the said tourist spot. Thank fully, the place is really nice that my cousins want to go back there.

  1. Mary Santos said...:

    Blogcatalog is a wonderful site. Three years ago, I've read an informative blog post about Cavite resorts through Blogcatalog.

    Are you familiar about Mount Sea Resort in Cavite? Many travel bloggers shared about the popular place. It gave me inspiration while traveling across the country.

    Thanks for sharing!

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