Nigeria New President

Friday, May 7, 2010
Nigeria's new President is named Goodluck Jonathan. Indeed, he is very lucky to be the new President of Nigeria. As young as 52 years old, Goodluck Jonathan is set to lead a country in the other part of the globe. Having a degree in Zoology is a nice start to enter into politics. After all, our primary concern is the state of our planet earth. Goodluck Jonathan then worked as an environmental officer before embarking a long yet lucky journey to politics. He is a prolific and witty politician. In fact, he ran as deputy governor for Bayelsa state in 2001 which is one of Nigeria's main oil-producing states in the oil-rich Niger Delta region.

Additionally, Goodluck Jonathan is lucky enough to be promoted as a governor of one of the richest regions in Africa because a fellow politician was indicted for corruption charges on 2006 by Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. That gave him so much exposure in the flimsy world of politics. He won as Vice President in the 2007 national elections. But, Goodluck Jonathan gained more political fortune when his President had a heart problem  and later died. According to CNN International:

 "Some Nigerians put Jonathan's rise to power down to 'good luck.' The removal of those above him -- through no act of his own -- provided the opportunity for his rise. Others credit him with the political patience to sit out events until they play in his favor."

Nigeria new President Goodluck Jonathan is lucky enough, right?


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