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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
I have been searching for the most popular fashion blog sites in the Internet. I searched via Google popular fashion blog sites and several blogs were found. I will just choose one blog in order to be featured here. It's like talking about a fashion blog that I like. Fashion Flick attracted my attention because of its unique and clean blog template and background. The sidebar is easy to navigate and there is shade of pink and lavender, the colors that I really like. The pictures posted in the blog are also vivid and nice to look at. If you want to get updated about fashion and beauty, just go over the site and enjoy the informative posts.

What I really like about Fashion Flick is the blogger's post about Let's Get Laud clothing line. Just search for the post entitled Let's Get Laud in the blog or click it from here Let's Get Laud. She quoted that Let's Get Laud use "imported high-quality and fashionable fabrics, stylishly cut and sewn locally for the wearer's comfort and satisfaction." After the inspiring post, there's a gallery of pictures involving nice ladies' wear from Let's Get Laud. I've known that clothing products or items sold at Let's Get Laud are very affordable. See the photos named Dazzle and you'll get interested to try the said clothing items. Lastly, Fashion Flick is one of the best and popular fashion blog sites in the web.

                                       Have a nice day! Yantchill


  1. HHp said...:

    Most of the fashion site are great with the affordable prizes and all the design are classic.

  1. kaye said...:

    Hopin all fashion blogs are affordable

  1. Keachy said...:

    Wow! I like the photo. My brother is a photographer and he liked taking photos in his favorite hotels and resorts. Lately, he had a project at Mount Sea Resort in Cavite. It was a pictorial for a fashion website. He told me that I should visit the place. Of all Cavite resorts, it's one of his favorite areas in the province. It's also accessible.

    Thank you for sharing.

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